Aluminum Wheel Surface Treatment

EVANSVILLE, IN—Accuride Corporation, a supplier of components to the commercial vehicle industry, announced the introduction of Accu-Armor™, the newest aluminum wheel product offering from its Accuride® Wheels business unit.

Accu-Armor aluminum wheels undergo a proprietary, multi-step, post-production treatment process that texturizes, anodizes and seals the surface without changing or compromising the wheels’ original form, fit or function. As a result of this process, premium Accu-Armor aluminum wheels are highly resistant to scratching and scuffing, filiform corrosion, high- and low-pH chemicals commonly used in truck washes, and common chemicals used in de-icing road surfaces. Accu-Armor aluminum wheels are also proven to be durable under extended exposure to heat and UV light, and will not chalk or fade. They are easy to clean and require very little maintenance, while featuring an attractive, distinctive appearance.

The unique combination of characteristics and benefits makes Accu-Armor aluminum wheels ideal for use by transit buses, tanker fleets, fire trucks, owner-operators, and vocational fleets such as cement mixers, gravel haulers, dump trucks, and refuse/recycling trucks that require lightweight wheels that can handle the pressure and demands of operating in harsh environments, but that also look good and are easy to clean.

The new Accu-Armor aluminum wheel surface treatment, which is priced comparably to other aluminum wheel treatments on the market, is available to order now.

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