Alpha (PA) Firefighters Request New Fire Apparatus

Alpha (PA) volunteer firefighters packed a borough council meeting to advocate for money to purchase a new fire truck.

Jessica Hanics, a volunteer firefighter from the borough, spoke on behalf of about 25 other firefighters who attended the meeting.

“You may look at another truck as excess, but we look at it as necessity. We have tried for years to get grant funding knowing that this day was coming,” Hanics said. “To you it’s a third truck in a small town, but … each truck has a specific purpose and job, just as we do.”

Last month, council did not commit to providing $500,000 to replace a 30-year-old fire truck. Council members did set aside money in next year’s budget if they decided to share the cost of the truck with the Alpha Volunteer Fire Co.

During his report to council, fire Chief Charles Bodogh Jr. asked council when he will have a final answer. Councilman Louis Cartabona said council would discuss it in closed session and that he would communicate council’s decision with Bodogh before the next meeting.

Later in the meeting, Cartabona and Mayor Edward Hanics acknowledged that volunteers recently showed up to the firehouse and didn’t have transportation to a fire call. They had to take their own vehicles.

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