Alna ME Officials Won’t Support Fire Apparatus Loan

Alna (ME) selectmen said they would not support taking out a loan for a new fire truck in 2014, while the town is still paying off loans for the fire station addition and a road repaving project.

Next year, Fire Chief Mike Trask plans to ask voters for the truck, to replace a 1986 one. He recently told selectmen he does not plan to propose any alternatives to a new truck, which he said could run between $250,000 and $300,000.

The town has $138,000 on reserve for the next fire truck purchase. Another $25,000 is proposed to be added at town meeting. The question’s wording gives voters the option to go with a higher or lower amount, however, selectmen said.

Trask has said he’ll leave it up to selectmen how to propose the town cover the difference between what the town has saved up for a truck and what it will take to buy it.

Reached March 8, Trask said the selectmen will get their instructions from voters next year. If the town doesn’t want a truck, the selectmen will have nothing to figure out about funding, he said.

After gathering the truck’s specifications and prices from companies, the cost could end up differing from the current estimate, Trask said.

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