Allied Specialty Vehicles Selects ʺREVʺ as New Company Name

ORLANDO, FL—Allied Specialty Vehicles (ASV) has announced the roll-out of a new corporate name, REV Group Inc., more directly aligning the company with its continuing commitment to building and delivering many of the specialty vehicle brands. The company serves a diverse group of market segments under the corporate brand, manufacturing 23 unique brands of fire apparatus, ambulances, buses, mobility vehicles, recreation vehicles, terminal trucks, and sweepers.

According to Tim Sullivan, president and CEO, the first priority in the selection of a new name was to ensure it communicated to the marketplace the company’s forward-thinking, international leadership in the industries it serves. Additionally, it wanted a name representing passion, momentum, and one of which all employees could be proud. Sullivan says changing the name from Allied Specialty Vehicles to REV Group, Inc. meets all of these criteria. 

“Like a revving engine letting bystanders know a car is preparing for a quick acceleration, REV communicates to the world that we are set for growth,” Sullivan says. “REV shows speed and engagement in action. REV lets the world know we don’t simply manufacture specialty vehicles—we REVolutionize them.” 

In connection with the new name and logo, the company has also introduced a new “Vehicles for Life” tagline. With more than 5,000 employees building more than 18,900 specialty vehicles every year, Sullivan points out that every one of the company’s 23 brands helps “connect and protect” lives around the world every single day. “Whether saving lives by transporting the sick and injured to hospitals, enriching the lives of families as they travel on vacations, or making lives more mobile for those with disabilities, our vehicles are an integral part of everyday life,” Sullivan says. “We believe the REV banner will serve as a strong corporate identity for the role we play both nationally and internationally as we move forward.”

About REV
REV Group, Inc. is a more than $1.7 billion manufacturer of motor vehicle brands serving commercial, fire and emergency and recreation markets. Within the fire and emergency division, the company produces a complete line of fire apparatus and ambulance vehicles under a number of brands including E-ONE, AEV, Horton, Road Rescue, Leader, Wheeled Coach, McCoy Miller, and Marque. 

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