Albany County (WY) Receives Donated Fire Apparatus

A 1993 Smeal pumper truck, which previously saw service with the Laramie Fire Department, has been sold for $10,000 to Albany County Fire District No. 1, which is comprised of five rural volunteer fire departments.

The pumper truck has been in service with the volunteer departments since April, but it’s housed at Laramie Fire Department Station No. 3 in West Laramie.

That puts it in a central location for many of the volunteer departments, and saves firefighters from having to drive out to remote fire stations, hop on an engine there and then start responding to a call, said Steve Kaiser, training officer with the Centennial Valley Volunteer Fire Department.

The truck has wheel brakes that operate through a foot pedal, just like in a passenger vehicle. It also has another braking system, which uses a clamp bearing down on the drive shaft and is activated by a handle.

The city donated much of the equipment that came with the truck, but it was up to volunteers working on their own time to outfit the truck according to their needs.

The truck carries 1,000 gallons of water. Some locations in the county have fire hydrants or water pipes the truck can hook up to, or other trucks can be used to shuttle water to it.

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