Akron Brass Aids Firefighters in Texas Wildfires

Wooster, OH (Akron Brass) September 8, 2011Akron Brass responded to the needs of local firefighters by donating mission critical firefighting equipment to aid in the battle against raging forest fires throughout the Austin, Texas region.

Delivering the life safety equipment within 24 hours, Akron Brass provided necessary forestry nozzles, hand tools and other equipment to help preserve and protect properties, acreage and lives from the fires. Akron Brass manufactures high performance firefighting equipment and other related supplies necessary in the suppression of fires. As a manufacturer of forestry nozzles and hand tools, Akron Brass felt an obligation to the Austin region to step in and aid during this crisis.

Beginning in Bastrop County, these dangerous wildfires have spread to engulf 1,386 homes as of September 8th. While most of the forward progress of the fires has been stopped, there is still forceful and concentrated burning in the interior. Firefighters have been working around the clock using vital firefighting equipment to suppress the fires.

This much needed product will be replacing equipment already lost in the devastating fires and to supply local fire departments with additional resources. Akron Brass was quick in their response to aid departments in desperate need of additional forestry nozzles, hand tools and other firefighting equipment that will be instrumental in stopping these blazes.

About Akron Brass Company:

Founded in 1918, Akron Brass has become a worldwide marketer and manufacturer of high performance life safety, fire fighting and emergency rescue equipment. A Premier Farnell company, Akron Brass is ISO 9001: 2000 registered and has an excellent reputation for developing and manufacturing innovative firefighting equipment and products.        

For more information on Akron Brass products, please contact your local Akron Brass Distributor by visiting http://www.akronbrass.com or calling the Akron Brass Customer Service Department at (330) 264-5678.

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