Aging Kingston (NY) Fire Apparatus Out of Service

Kingston Fire Department’s 15-year-old ladder truck, prone to breakdowns in recent months, broke down again this week and had to be taken out of service, according to city Fire Chief Mark Brown.

Brown said the truck “hopefully” could be repaired quickly and put back into service. He said it is the 20th time this year the truck, purchased in 1998, had to be taken out of service for repairs. The Wednesday problem involved the vehicle’s generator belts, he said.
For months, Brown and his predecessor, John Reinhardt, have lobbied city officials to buy a new truck.

City lawmakers have taken no action on the possibility of borrowing more than $1 million for the purchase, and the requested truck is not included in Mayor Shayne Gallo’s proposed capital plan.

“Every night, I lie on my pillow and just hope that nobody, firefighters or civilians, gets hurt,” Brown said.

The ladder truck is not the department’s only ailing piece of equipment.

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