Aerial Apparatus Training Series Revised and Updated

Action Training Systems (ATS) is releasing a completely revised Aerial Apparatus: Driver/Operator training series. For the past eight months the production team has been working with more than a dozen western Washington fire departments. With the support of these agencies, ATS was able to produce all new video to illustrate the training objectives and safe operations of aerial apparatus.

In this five-part series, professional firefighters demonstrate the skills necessary to position, stabilize, and deploy various types of aerial apparatus at an emergency scene. Fire trucks used in these demonstrations include telescoping ladders, aerial platforms, articulating devices, and tractor-drawn apparatus. Skills presented include the inspection and maintenance of vehicles; safe driving techniques, including tillering, predeployment safety considerations, and stabilization techniques; and the tactical uses of aerial apparatus on scene.

The revised, updated content presents the knowledge prerequisites of the current NFPA 1002, Standard for Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications. Course development also used IFSTA’s recent edition of Pumping and Aerial Apparatus, Driver/Operator Handbook, published in 2015.

As with all ATS courses, leading subject matter experts helped to develop and review content for accuracy. Chief Doug Forsman (ret.) of Champaign, IL. and Mike Weider, Executive Director at IFSTA-FPP (Oklahoma State University) were instrumental in the production process. Long-standing partnerships with organizations such as IFSTA have been fundamental to the success and popularity of ATS programs over the years.

DVD and Online Training Programs will be available for purchase November 2015.

For more information, click HERE.

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