Adams County (MS) Loses Funding for Fire Apparatus

County Emergency Management Director Robert Bradford Sr. told the Adams County Board of Supervisors Monday he was mistaken when he told them earlier this month the county had secured an $18,000 grant to pay for a truck the county must purchase for the City of Natchez.

Providing a new fire truck is one of a number of stipulations in the county’s 10-year fire protection agreement with the city.

That grant, Bradford said, was actually to pay for equipment and other materials, but not for a truck.

The two other grant applications — each for nearly $300,000 — were not awarded to the county, Bradford said.

County administrator Joe Murray told the board members the grant funding, which is provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is extremely competitive.

If all the details of the application are not complete, Murray said it likely would not be awarded.

Bradford told the board members he was able to see a few details left out of the original grant application.

County board attorney Scott Slover said after the meeting the delay in the county purchasing the truck did not violate the 10-year agreement.

Natchez Mayor Butch Brown said Tuesday he had not heard of the set back with the grant funding, but said any delay in getting the fire truck puts the city in a difficult position.

The firefighting needs of the area, Brown said, grow even greater with the addition of each new industry at the Natchez-Adams County Port.

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