Ada (MI) Sending Fire Apparatus to West (TX)

Ada (MI) firefighters raised more than $12,000 to support a Texas fire department and they’re also giving them a fire truck.

A fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas left the Abbott Fire department in need of a new vehicle. After getting a new fire engine of their own, Ada firefighters decided to donate their old truck. They just needed to raise the money to get it down to Texas.

“The community has been outstanding. We’ve had people selling t-shirts for $15, we’ve had people walking up and giving us 20s regularly, 50s [and] 100s. We’ve had people, actually, some people donate over $1,000,” said Ada Fire Chief Jim Duvall.

The custom shirts were sold in 13 states, Canada and to U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. On Monday, the Texas-bound fire engine got a makeover, with new decals and equipment. Firefighters will drive the donated engine down Wednesday.

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