Acadiana Regional Airport (LA) Gains Fire Apparatus

The Acadiana Regional Airport  (LA) has doubled its firefighting capabilities when it accepted a donation from the Lafayette Regional Airport.

The airport received a 2000 Oshkosk fire truck from the neighboring airport when Lafayette added a new truck to its fleet. ARA Director Jason Devillier said they heard that Lafayette Regional had received a grant for a new truck and were planning to surplus an old truck.

Devillier said the airport could have sold the truck for up to $150,000, but instead decided to donate it to Acadiana Regional. The truck can stay in the community and is available to Lafayette if it ever needs an extra truck in the event of an emergency.

The truck has a 50-foot boom that allows the truck to spray foam and water directly over or under the source of a fire.

The truck is also equipped with an infrared camera to help locate potential fires or fire sources and a five-foot spike that could pierce an aircraft to direct foam and water to the source.

In the past, the airport’s existing truck has been called out to assist with the Multichem explosion and a rice mill fire in Abbeville. Devillier said the trucks are specially equipped to handle hydrocarbon fires. If a tanker, for instance, became involved in a roadway incident and caught fire, the airport trucks could be called out.

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