Abilene (TX) Receives Brush Fire Apparatus


The Abilene Fire Department now has a brand new truck to add to their fleet. They received a new brush truck as a grant from the Texas A&M Forest Service.

The department has been on the waiting list for four years to receive the grant. Battalion Chief Joe Kincaid says that the $116,000 truck is the newest model.

Kincaid said the new truck will allow them to help even more people outside the Abilene area. The department can be called upon by the state, instead of bringing in out-of-state resources.

He said it will also benefit the city. Whenever one of the city’s 5 brush trucks is being fixed or out of commission, they can use this spare one when it’s needed.

When the department is called out by the state, there will be a strike team of 5 brush trucks from different organizations. The AFD’s new truck will have 2 certified firefighters in it.

For more information, view www.ktxs.com

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