Aberdeen (SD) Getting New Fire Apparatus

Aberdeen Fire and Rescue (SD) will add a new, customized fire truck to its fleet of vehicles in April.

The new truck, which is called a rescue pumper because it is designed with equipment to fight fires and handle vehicle accidents, will replace a 20-year-old truck, Chief Kevin VanMeter said.

The new truck’s specs were designed by VanMeter and his battalion chiefs in conjunction with representatives from Breda, Iowa-based Toyne Fire Apparatus, VanMeter said.

The truck cost $463,000, including discounts, and was paid with capital improvement funds from the city budget.

The overall design of every rescue pumper is more or less the same, but fire departments across the country customize each truck to meet the needs of the area they protect.

For example, all rescue pumpers have basic equipment such as water pumps, hoses, axes and such, but a truck in Aberdeen needs a pump compartment to ensure that water doesn’t freeze during the winter, VanMeter said. A fire department in Florida wouldn’t have such concerns.

Tires are another seemingly minor, but crucial detail. A truck’s tires must have enough grip on them to make sure firefighters can get to an emergency even if there’s ice and some snow on the road.

This is the second rescue pumper truck that Aberdeen Fire and Rescue will receive. The incoming truck will have a very similar design to the previous one as part of the department’s long-term goal to have their trucks standardized, VanMeter said.

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