9/11 Fire Apparatus on Display at Amara Shrine FL

A Fire Department of New York vehicle used during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks will be on display Saturday at the Amara Shrine Circus Grounds (FL).

Rescue 5, which lost 11 firefighters at the World Trade Center, will be on display from 3-6 p.m. during the Palm Beach Gardens Police Foundation’s Carnival. The three-day event runs Friday through Sunday.

“We’re very lucky to have it here,” foundation president Tom Murphy said, which is one of two FDNY memorial vehicles used in the attacks allowed outside New York City.

“It will hopefully draw a crowd.”

Rescue 4 and Rescue 5 travel throughout the country as part of the nonprofit Rescue Remembrance Project. The organization was created by firefighters to restore, preserve and share the two vehicles as traveling memorials and educational tools.

“We travel all over the country educating people about 9/11 with a particular focus on kids who either weren’t born yet, or were too young to understand when it happened,” said Scott Vaughn, a founding member of the Remembrance Project.

Rescue 5 is scheduled to be on display weekdays through March 10 at the city’s main fire station at 4425 Burns Road. Visits also are planned to the city’s GreenMarket on Sundays, the Honda Classic and the Police Foundation’s Carnival.

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