2017 Spartan Emergency Response Star Series IPS Pumper

Photos and Write Up by Lindsay Dye

Engine 79 began service with the Alvarado (TX) Fire Department on February 1, 2018. The cab and chassis are the Spartan Metro Star model with a 10-inch raised roof and the classic front end and grill. The cab has seating for four with two mid height compartments (exterior and interior access) in the crew area and a full length EMS cabinet. Cab safety is provided by Spartan’s Advanced Protection System (full side curtain airbags, drive and officer knee airbags, steering wheel airbag, advanced seat belt system and outboard crash sensors). Other cab features include a side and rear camera system, Firecom’s wireless communication system and Spartan’s Advance Climate Control System.   

The cab and Star Series body in the IPS (Intelligent Pump Solutions) design are constructed of standard aluminum and feature gold leaf and “ghost” graphics. The IPS body combines the functions of an engine and a rescue with the pump located directly behind the cab. Spartan’s SmartStorage compartments and Metro Fire’s custom mounting package for both body and cab are featured along with a full complement of tools at delivery. The compartments also feature slide-out trays, diamond grade reflective striping, and compartment strip lighting provided by OnScene Solutions. Compartments adjacent to the rear wheels hold SCBA bottles. Roll-up doors on the body are provided by ROM. The power is provided by a Cummins ISL9 450-hp engine and an Allison Generation IV-E 3000 five-speed transmission with pushbutton controls.

The apparatus features a side-mount pump panel and a Waterous CSX midship 1,500-gpm pump along with a Pro Poly 1,000-gallon tank. Foam is provided by a FoamPro 2001 System (with an automatic foam refill system), Spartan’s OneTouch CAFS (with a 200-cfm compressor), and a 30-gallon foam cell. The front jump line and crosslays are plumbed for foam as well. A Task Force Tips Hurricane deck gun and 12-inch extend-a-gun is mounted on top of the pump panel. 

The hosebed for this rig carries 1,200 feet of 4-inch LDH, 300 feet of 2½-inch hose, 600 feet of 3-inch connected to a Blitzline monitor, and two 150-feet high-rise packs. The front bumper tray carries 100 feet of 1¾-inch hose connected to a 2½-inch discharge featuring a Task Force Tips Water Thief that is preconnected to the front bumper hose lay. The top speedlays feature 100 feet of 1¾-inch hose and one with 100 feet of 2½-inch hose and the bottom speedlays feature 200 feet each of 1¾-inch hose. These are located in an enclosed compartment behind the cab adjacent to the pump panel. A Hannay Model EF booster reel with 175 feet of 1-inch hose is located in an enclosed rear compartment. Ladders (24-foot extension, 14-foot roof, and 10-foot attic), and pike poles are stored in a compartment on the upper right rear body. An “A” frame, aluminum pneumatic hosebed cover protects the hose load and features OnScene Solutions lighting that illuminates the hosebed when the cover panels are raised. Access to the hosebed is provided by Spartan’s Smart Step which is integrated into the rear tailboard.

Warning lights include a Whelen Freedom IV LED Lightbar with Whelen M6 LED lights adorning the body perimeter. Scene lighting is provided by Whelen Pioneer PCP2 LED lights on the brow, the cab sides and body sides. A Shadow Light by SVI provides scene lighting as well. Audio warning devices include a Federal Q2B siren flush-mounted through the left front bumper, and a Whelen electronic siren module connected to two Whelen 100 watt speakers mounted through the front bumper. 

Dealer: Metro Fire Apparatus Specialists-Houston, TX

Representative: Josh Slovak

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