2012 Spartan-Crimson 100-Foot Platform Quint Walk-Around

This 2012 Crimson aerial went into service with the Somervell County Fire Department, Glen Rose, Texas, in December, 2012. The cab is a Spartan Gladiator Evolution model with a five-inch, no-notch raised roof with seating for a crew of five. There are also two EMS cabinets and a refrigerator in the crew area of the cab. The truck is constructed of aluminum with roll-up and hinged compartment doors.

The apparatus has a Waterous CSCU20 midship 2,000-gpm, single-stage pump and a UPF 300-gallon Poly tank. The foam system is a Waterous Advantus 3 foam proportioner with power fill and a 30-gallon foam tank. The hosebed carries 1,000 feet of LDH with drop-own doors for easy access.

The aerial is a rear-mount 100-foot platform with a 2,000-gpm waterway and FRC flow meter indicators in three spots. Blue LED rope lighting runs the length of the aerial. Aerial auto stow with aerial/body avoidance is also featured.

It is powered by a 550-hp Cummins ISX15 engine and an Allison GEN IV-E 4000 EVS transmission with retarder. A Harrison 10-kW hydraulic generator is on board along with a Holmatro Rescue Tool System with bulkhead fittings in the front and rear. The warning lights are Whelen as are the LED lights in and around the rig. The headlights are J. W. Speaker LEDs . Audio warning devices include a bumper-mounted Q2B and a Whelen Howler with two 100-watt speakers mounted through the front bumper.

Dealer:  Metro Fire Apparatus Specialists, Inc.-Mansfield, TX
Sales Rep:  Josh Slovak, Territory Manager    

Photos and description by Lindsay Dye.

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