200-Amp Solenoids for Fire Apparatus

Cole Hersee, the Commercial Vehicle Products division of Littelfuse, Inc., announced that it has introduced a new and improved 200-amp solenoid, with superior quality silver-tungsten contacts essential for higher current demands. The new 200-amp solenoids, available in both 12- and 24-volt models, are suitable for vehicles with heavy duty onboard equipment, like off road vehicles, agricultural equipment, cranes, and utility emergency, mining, forestry, and marine vehicles.

The improved silver-tungsten contacts featured in the 200-amp solenoid provide the best available conductivity, and are more weld-resistant than standard silver contacts. The design minimizes arcing and contact oxidation, always maintaining high performance. The solenoids are designed for universal use for loads up to 200 amps.

Several environmentally-sealed options are available, including encapsulated solenoids (models 24213-01 and 24213-03), which withstand moisture and dust to IP66 standards. Where vehicle vibration may be a problem, model 24213-01 features potted internal windings for added protection of coil leads and studs.

The new 200-amp solenoids join Littelfuse CVP’s line of more than 50 solenoids, more than any other manufacturer of heavy duty automotive products. The line includes a PVC-coated model that completely protects the solenoid from dust and moisture infiltration, and also features electronic solenoids (models 48521 and 48785).

For more information, visit www.littelfuse.com.

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