10 Years: FDNY Ladder 3 Truck Joins September 11th Museum

A fire truck that spent the past ten years housed at Hangar 17 at John F. Kennedy Airport, that belonged to Ladder 3 and Battalion 6 of New York City’s East Village, and which lost 12 men on September 11, 2001, was lowered to rest in it’s new home back at ground zero.

Firefighters stood alongside victims’ families and assorted bystanders paying their respects, watched as the flag-covered, 60,000-pound fire truck was lowered by crane 70 feet below ground to the the future site of the September 11th Museum, according to reports from NY1 and the New York Daily News.

The truck was parked on West Street and damaged beyond repair by the collapse of the Twin Towers. 

The report quoted Jim Wind of FDNY Ladder 3 stating, “It’s good to have it back here to share with others. I think that everybody should see, you know. It’s something that none of us should ever forget,”

Read the full NY1 story HERE

Watch the Daily News Video and hear comments from FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Regina Coyle, whos son of died in the line of duty on September 11th.

Fallen Fire Engine Lowered Into 9/11 Museum 

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