Video: Pierce Velocity 100-Foot Platform

Southern Platte Fire Protection District’s Velocity 100’ heavy-duty aerial platform has a true clean cab including vinyl seating and aluminum treadplate flooring, both providing an easy wipe down. This also includes having both EMS compartments accessible on the outside and strategically placing the air packs away from the cab to help keep carcinogens away after fighting a fire.

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When visiting Pierce, the engineering team helped the department determine where their equipment would be stored on the truck, providing them with the best storage options, saving a lot of time. Located on the rear, to prevent wasted space, there is a deep well compartment to store shovels and hose if needed.


  • Chassis: 70” Velocity® cab with a 10” notched raised roof
  • Seating capacity: 4
  • Overall height: 12’4”
  • Overall length: 47’1”
  • GVW rating: 84,000 lb
  • Safety: Side Roll and Frontal Impact Protection
  • Front axle: TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension, 24,000 lb
  • Rear axle: Meritor RT58-185, 60,000 lb
  • Engine: Detroit DD13, 525 hp, 1,850 torque
  • Electrical System: Command Zone™ Advanced Electronics System


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Shelving: Adjustable, up to 500 lb
  • Pump: PUC™, 1,500 gpm
  • Tank: 300 gallons


  • Device: 100’ Aluminum Platform
  • Reach: 100’ vertical, 92’ horizontal
  • Payload Capacity: 1,000 lb dry, 500 lb wet
  • Flow rate: 2,000 gpm
  • Stabilizers: 2 sets, 16’6” spread

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