Plainview (TX) Fire Department Mack Pumper Fire Apparatus

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In the summer of 1972, two Mack CF-600 pumpers were placed into service in Plainview, Texas.  Plainview is a large town nestled in the Panhandle-Plains area of Texas between Amarillo and Lubbock.
The Mack CF model was considered a “large” apparatus for this time frame with its roomy cab and high visibility windshield. This unit was placed into service at the Central Station, and its twin was placed into service at the substation located on the west side of town. Both rigs were the first white units in the Plainview fleet as well as the first diesel powered ones.
Both pumpers were powered with Mack Thermodyne E-6 260 Diesel engines (672 ci and 260 hp) and five-speed Mack Manual transmissions. Waterous pumps rated at 1,000 gpm and 500-gallon water tanks were installed on each pumper along with dual booster reels. The original warning light system included a single Federal 184 beacon with a red lens, the tradition front flashers on the cab front and two Unity flashers mounted on the rear.  The “lollipop” lights on the cab roof were added a couple of years after delivery.  A Federal electronic siren completed the warning device package.  Engine 1 carried Mack # CF611F10-1493, and Engine 2 carried Mack # CF611F10-1492.
The engine pictured served an incredible 29 years (1972-2001) as a front line piece when it was replaced with a 2001 Kenworth-Pierce pumper.  It served as a reserve engine until 2013 when a new Rosenbauer engine was placed into service.  This unit’s twin suffered a terrible fate as it was vandalized and set on fire while parked at the city service center in early 2012.
After being deactivated, this unit was subsequently donated to the Petersburg (TX) VFD through the Texas Forest Service’s Helping Hands program. This firefighting war horse continues to serve as a front-line piece some 43 years after arriving in Texas.

Photos and description by Lindsay Dye

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