Granbury (TX) Volunteer Fire Department Pierce Impel Pumper

Photos and Description by Lindsay Dye

Engine 1 began service with the Granbury (TX) Volunteer Fire Department on August 15, 2019. The cab/chassis is a Pierce Impel model with seating for 6. The apparatus is constructed of standard aluminum with full depth compartments and Amdor roll-up doors. Additional SCBA storage is located adjacent to the rear wheel wells.

The power is provided by a Cummins L9 450-hp engine and an Allison 5th Generation 3000 EVS 5-speed transmission with pushbutton controls. The TAK-4 independent front suspension system is featured as is the Pierce Command Zone advanced electronic and control system with WiFi.

The apparatus has a Waterous CSU single-stage 1,500-gpm pump with top-mount controls and a 750-gallon polypropylene tank. Foam is provided by Husky 12 System with a 25-gallon foam cell. Foam is plumbed to the front bumper discharge, the crosslays, the left side front discharge, and the booster reel.

The hosebed carries 1,000’ of 5 inch LDH, 700’ of 2½-inch hose (one lay of 400’ and one lay of 300’) and a 100’ “Wye” lay of 1¾-inch hose. The front bumper tray carries 150’ of 1¾-inch hose, and the crosslays (one with 200’ of 1¾-inch hose and one with 200’ of 2-inch hose) are located in a semi-enclosed compartment beneath the pump controls. Two sections of 5-inch LDH (25’ each) are stored in running board compartments on each side of the apparatus, and two sections of 2½-inch hose (50’ each) are stored in the back end compartment. A Hannay booster reel with 150’ of ¾-inch hose is mounted over the right side above the pump. A TFT deck gun is mounted on top of the pump, and a TFT Blitzfire ground monitor is stored in the right rear side compartment. The ladder tunnel on the rear of the apparatus carries Alco-Lite ladders (PEL-24’ 2-section, PRL-14’ roof, & FL-10 10’ folding). A Little Giant Velocity Model 13 ladder is stored in the right rear side compartment.

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Warning lights include a Whelen Freedom IV-Q Lightbar (92 inch), Whelen M6 and WIONSMC lights on the apparatus body and a Whelen TANF65 directional light on the rear of the apparatus. Scene lighting is provided by Whelen Pioneer PCPSM2 lights mounted on each side above the middle window between the cab doors and on each side of the body. A Pioneer PH2 light is mounted on the brow, and two HiViz FT-GSM lights are mounted on the rear of the rig. Audio warning devices include a pedestal-mounted Federal Q2B siren mounted on the left bumper area and a Whelen Model 295SLSA1 electronic siren module connected to two Whelen SA315P speakers mounted through the front bumper.

Dealer: Siddons-Martin Emergency Group-Houston, TX

Representative: Russell Mabra

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