FDIC 2014 Preview-Quint Essentials

Quint Essentials
Lieutenant Rob Fisher, Snohomish County (WA)Fire District #7

Fireground support operations (truck work) are the functions on the fireground that equally impact firefighter safety and civilian survivability. Traditionally, dedicated truck companies carried out these functions. However, the “can-do-all” apparatus (quint) has challenged firefighters as to what role they should play and when. The idea of a “can-do-all” apparatus works well when you have sufficient staffing and resources. However, most departments have limited staffing, making a multifunctional apparatus, such as a quint, a single-function operation on the fireground. Students are guided in how to prepare personnel for the fireground response beforehand. Heavy emphasis is on developing standard operating guidelines.

Thursday April 10, 3:30-5:15, Room 125-126

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