Video: Minotola Fire Company District 2 E-ONE HP 100 Ladder Truck

Believed to have conceptualized the all-black firetruck in 1971, New Jersey’s Minotola Fire Company District 2 operates out of a single station with 30 volunteers. Within eight square miles, the population of 5,000 experiences 150 incidents on average. The department averages 120-130 service calls a year, including rescue and vehicle extrication.

E-ONE HP 100 Ladder

Dealer: First Choice

Truck Information

  • 73,500-pound GVWR
  • 240″ wheelbase integral torque box frame
  • 12′-1″ +/-1″ travel height
  • 41′-9″ +/-1″ overall length
  • E-ONE Cyclone® 67.5” extruded aluminum cab, severe duty interior, driver and officer exterior riser height compartments, Bostrom® seating for (6) with SecureAll SCBA brackets, PAC TRAC tool mounting panels
  • Cummins® ISX12 500-hp engine with Jacobs® compression brake and Allison® EVS4000P transmission
  • Extruded aluminum body with SideStacker™ hosebed
  • Full-height rescue style driver and forward officer side compartments with R∙O•M™ roll-up doors, enclosed wheel well storage for (8) SCBA bottles and (4) wheel well storage compartments, driver pump panel and rear hosebed slide-out platforms
  • Center-mounted tunnel with 141’ of ground ladders

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  • 500-gallon UPF Poly III tank (470 Water/30 Foam)
  • Hale® Qmax 2,000-gpm pump
  • Triple crosslays with storage pan
  • 100’ Ladder with 2.5:1 structural safety factor
  • Welded extruded aluminum construction
  • Crisscross under-slung outriggers (12’ jack spread)
  • Rated capacity: 500 lbs. + 50 lbs. equipment
  • Weldon® V-MUX® Multiplex electrical system with driver Vista display, Voyager® officer side and rear back-up cameras, David Clark intercom system
  • Vehicle Data Recorder with CrewGuard™ occupant detection
  • (4) Whelen® Mini-Freedom IV light bars, B6LED upper rear warning lights, Whelen® 600/TIR6 LED lower level warning lights

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