FDIC International: Helping Better Understand the Needs of the Fire Service

By Chris Mc Loone


FDIC International has long been a venue for manufacturers to introduce their newest products. This year is no different, but Phil Gerace, vice president, marketing for Task Force Tips (TFT) and AMKUS, adds that FDIC International is “the ability to come to one place together, face to face to discuss, display, and demonstrate. At FDIC, we can share new ideas with and better understand the needs of the fire service, apparatus manufacturers, and our distribution network.”

On the demonstation side, TFT is highlighting several products this week:

  • A new compact monitor for wildland and interface apparatus.
  • Tactile Touch Blue Tooth controls for TFT monitors.
  • New nozzles for big water and industrial foam applications.
  • Tools to help reduce firefighter cancer risk from dirty PPE.

For AMKUS, Gerace adds, “We will be unveiling AMKUS’s new ION 2.0 battery-powered rescue tools. They’re compact but incredibly powerful using the new DEWALT FLEXVOLT battery—the same battery already used on many other tools found on the apparatus.”

In addition to introducing and demonstrating new products, Gerace says TFT and AMKUS look most forward to receiving user feedback at FDIC International. “Our company was created by a firefighter whose sole mission was to provide firefighters with the best products to keep themselves and those they protect safer,” he says. “We’re most looking forward to hearing from our users on how TFT/AMKUS and our products are performing as well as hearing more about the new needs that have arisen because of the ever-evolving role of the fire service worldwide.”

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