Tempest Technology Introduces VS-1 Battery-Powered Blower for PPV and Attack at FDIC

Tempest Technology Corp., the leading provider of professional firefighting ventilation tools, today announced the VS-1, the first in its Tempest Tech Series of battery-powered blowers. This extremely lightweight, powerful and ergonomic blower overcomes many of the limitations fire departments face today in industrial and firefighting applications, especially for positive pressure ventilation and attack (PPV/PPA). The new product will be unveiled and showcased at FDIC 2017, April 27-29 at booth #3101.

The VS-1 is an extraordinarily lightweight blower (at 48 lbs. including the battery), that still remains powerful and reliable throughout firefighting operations. A lithium-ion battery allows continuous operation for a full 70 minutes while maintaining the highest airflow performance of any battery-powered blower. LED flow-path lighting illuminates the walkway in front of the blower, improving visibility in low light.

Its transverse wheels allow it to be easily rolled into position, and a very compact design makes it easy to maneuver and to store when not in use. An ergonomic design and integrated handle make it a breeze to carry, if necessary, with minimal fatigue and risk of injury.

“The new VS-1 positive pressure blower addresses many of the limitations of products currently available,” said Leroy Coffman, president of Tempest Tech Corp. “Constructing the shroud from spun aluminum and the frame from welded aluminum enabled us to make a powerful blower that is extremely light. This feature, along with the compact and ergonomic design, allows the VS-1 to be easily rolled or carried, minimizing firefighter fatigue and risk of injury. We believe that fire agencies will be excited about a battery-powered blower that offers 70 minutes of operating time and doesn’t need to be carried.”

When implemented properly, PPV has proven be a very effective way to increase visibility, decrease toxic atmosphere, reduce risk of flashover and backdraft, and decrease the temperatures between the fire seat and both victims and firefighters, thus saving lives. Battery-powered blowers can be instantly turned on, require less maintenance than gas-powered blowers, are easier to transport and turn on than electric blowers, and do not introduce combustion products into the airstream. The VS-1 combines the advantages of a battery-powered blower with the lightness and reliability of a gas or electric powered blower.

Now available, the VS-1 will be unveiled and showcased at FDIC 2017 April 27-29 at booth #3101. Contact your local Tempest dealer for more information or to purchase the VS-1 PPV blower.


About Tempest Technology Corp.

More than three decades ago, Tempest found its start in producing quality, American made hot-air balloon inflators for professionals and hobbyists around the nation. Shortly after inception, we were involved in the pioneering of a new firefighting technique called positive pressure ventilation/attack or PPV/PPA. Tempest’s high performance inflators were just what the fire industry was looking for in deployment of this ground breaking tactic. PPV became well known for its success along with Tempest’s reputation for being the first and only manufacturer with the perfect tool for the job at hand. Since then, Tempest has grown substantially to become the world’s leading producer of tools used in a wide array of ventilation applications. All products manufactured by Tempest Technology Corp. have one goal in mind, making hazardous environments safer.

While Tempest owes much of its success to the fire industry and the adoption of positive pressure ventilation and attack, two specific areas of focus have helped the company maintain its leadership in the development and manufacturing of premium ventilators: an obsession for producing only the finest quality tools and equipment and an unwavering commitment to customers. For more information, visit www.tempest.us.com

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