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FDIC International 2020 Classroom Session: Drive to Survive: Advanced Driving Concepts for Emergency Vehicle...

This class reinforces the safety message that no matter how long you have been driving or how “good” a driver you think you are, there are limits to safely operating an emergency apparatus or personal vehicle.

FDIC International 2020 Classroom Session: The Art of Caring for the Apparatus and Equipment...

You will learn which tools are needed and how they should be stored. Maintenance, however, includes more than repairs.

Roll Call Tip from Bill Peters: the Clean Cab Concept

Bill Peters, Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Advisory Board Member, discusses the Clean Cab Concept for fire apparatus.

Honeywell, DuPont Announce FDIC International 2020 Scholarship Program

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) and DuPont (NYSE: DD) announced today that applications are now being accepted for scholarships that will award 20 first responders with...

Packed Aisles Mark Successful FDIC International 2019

The exhibits continued to perfectly complement the hands-on training and classroom instruction firefighters received all week. After using and discussing many of the products on the floor, firefighters got to see them up close and personal during the exhibits and got to talk to, many times, the product managers who helped develop the products.

Women in Fire Announces One-Day FDIC International 2020 Conference

With the continued growth and success of the Women in Fire (formerly iWomen) conferences at FDIC International in Indianapolis, the organization has found that it would be a benefit for members, attendees, and supporters to host a one-day conference each year.

NC Drone Company Launches Real Time Video Streaming System For Emergency Response, Search &...

Triangle UAS LLC, a provider of innovative unmanned aircraft system services and technology, has launched a real-time drone video streaming system to enhance situational awareness during disaster/accident response, search & rescue, and fire department events. 

Ferrara Debut First 107-Foot MVP Rescue-Ladder At FDIC International

The new 107-foot Rescue Ladder is the first aerial over 100’ on Ferrara’s custom MVP cab and body.

KME Fire Apparatus Introduces Severe Service ST™ Cab at FDIC International 2019

The Severe Service ST™ was built with compact areas in mind. The main feature is that the cab can be tilted inside almost any fire station for access to the engine.

KME Fire Apparatus Announces New Midmount AerialCat™ Platform at FDIC 2019

The new midmount AerialCat™ is now available with an 84’ and 102’ platform.

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