KME Fire Apparatus Announces New Midmount AerialCat™ Platform at FDIC 2019

NESQUEHONING, PA—KME Fire Apparatus, a subsidiary of REV Group and a manufacturer of fire apparatus, is proud to announce the launch of the new KME AerialCat™ midmount platform at FDIC International 2019. The new midmount AerialCat™ is now available with an 84’ and 102’ platform. These two replace the existing line up of 81’, 95’ and 100’ midmount platforms, with a longer horizontal and vertical reach and a shortened overall length.

The 102’ midmount AerialCat™ platform has a 2’ rated increased vertical height to 102’ and a 3’ horizontal increased horizontal reach height to 94’. The apparatus’s overall length is decreased by 2’; using an MFD cab a 46’ OAL is achievable. The 84’ midmount platform rated vertical height is increased by 3’ to 84’ and the horizontal reach is extended 4’ to 77’. The vehicle overall length of the 84’ MM platform is just 43’.

Additional benefits of the new 102’ and 84′ AerialCat™ midmount platform design include:

  • 2.5:1 Structural Safety Factor
  • State of The Art Motion Control System
  • Dual Integral Parapet Ladders in Platform Structure
  • 2,000-gpm Waterway Rating
  • 3/16” Aluminum Body
  • Full Height Full Depth Compartments
  • Larger, Fully Enclosed Ground Ladder Storage
  • One-Piece Torquebox
  • Deep Penetrating Outriggers
  • Two Available Travel Heights:126” & 132”
  • Shortened Rear Body Overhang by 10”
  • Features a Straight Shot Hose Bed with Access Doors

“This new design brings our midmount platform products in line with our current rear-mount platform design. It allows KME to offer design benefits of better reach, better flow capacity, higher structural safety factor, lower maintenance, and increased compartmentation designed in the AerialCat™ family., said Pete Hoherchak, KME Product Manager.”  

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