Honeywell, DuPont Name 2016 FDIC International Scholarship Recipients

Honeywell Industrial Safety and DuPont Protection Solutions announced that 20 outstanding firefighters will receive expenses-paid scholarships to attend the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis April 18-23. A welcoming dinner and awards event will take place Tuesday, April 19, 8 p.m., at the Indianapolis JW Marriott.

“The scholarship awards dinner and ceremony is an opportunity to highlight individuals and organizations that are not only setting the gold standard for firefighting service, courage and selfless dedication, but have demonstrated an intense desire for education and training,” said Ken Schmidt, general manager for Honeywell First Responder. “Honeywell and DuPont are proud to co-sponsor a program that furthers the professional development of these 20 exemplary firefighters who will benefit their communities greatly by applying the knowledge they acquire from their training at FDIC.”

To be considered for the scholarship, firefighters must be nominated by a peer in their department.  Applications and essays are reviewed by a committee including fire chiefs, FDIC panelists, and representatives from Honeywell and DuPont.

The 2016 recipients are:

Scott Peterson, City of Fulton Montgomery Fire Protection District, Missouri – Peterson has served nine years as a firefighter in Missouri, with numerous certifications and roles including firefighter 2, Hazmat Operations and Emergency Medical Technician. Currently he serves as a state evaluator for the department and recently took over the role of training officer for Fulton’s volunteer department.

Carmen Delia, Wilmington Fire Department, North Carolina –  Delia is a master-firefighter-certified professional with 16 years of service including extensive leadership as a trainer and recruiter for the Wilmington, NC Fire Department. He joined the department immediately after serving in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Neal Schweiner, De Pere Fire Rescue, Wisconsin – Schweiner has spent nine years in the fire service including the last three years at De Pere, where he also serves as a paramedic and field training officer.

Randy AustRichland Fire and Emergency Services, Washington – Aust is a captain and paramedic with 15 years of service on the firefighting and technical rescue teams for Richland. He recently coordinated a city-wide building pre-plan with the city fire marshal and dispatch center and will teach firefighters on using the mobile data terminal on the fire trucks.

Stoney Mathews, Bradley County, Tennessee – Matthews is a battalion captain serving the Bradley County Fire-Rescue team in a multifaceted role: he leads the diving team, swift water program, and technical rescue program.  He has also taught extrication classes and assisted with special operations.

Brent Muller, Northville Township, Michigan – Muller has an illustrious service record with the Northville Township Fire Dept. spanning nearly 20 years. He also is team leader for the Western Wayne County Hazardous Materials Response Team and is a Blue Card IMS Instructor for various training and certification classes serving fire departments in Southeastern Michigan.

Mark Toohey, Ashburn Volunteer Fire Rescue Department, Vermont – Toohey is Ashburn’s night duty crew officer and manages the department’s recruitment and training programs for new firefighters, engine drivers and truck drivers,

James Greenwood, Boise, Idaho – Greenwood has served Boise as a firefighter for three years and also leads the department’s recruitment and training programs, including its Firefighter Safety Symposium. He is active on social media as a firefighter advocate on fireground training and best practices.

Brandon Maurer, Wichita, Kansas – Maurer is a firefighter with three years of service in the Wichita Fire Department where he is highly regarded by fellow firefighters for his leadership record and readiness to encourage and share knowledge with fellow firefighters.

Chris Hill, Holly Springs Volunteer Fire Department, Alabama – Hill is a fire chief, emergency medical technician and team leader with more than 20 years experience at the Holly Hills facility. He carries certifications as firefighter 1, firefighter 2, fire Instructor 1, apparatus operator, and EMT. Chris leads his department’s training and education services.

Candace Wetter, Solon Township Fire Department, Michigan – Wetter is a firefighter with two years of experience on the fireground and has numerous training certificates from local, state, and federal organizations including the National Fire Academy. She conducts onsite training sessions for firefighters at the Solon Township site.

Kelly Meyer, Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Suffield Fire Services, Alberta – Meyer is a deputy platoon chief who leads his department’s certification and training programs. He was recently named chief training officer for Cypress County Emergency Services and now oversees the training and development of nearly 200 firefighters assigned to eight fire stations.

Dan Krushinski, East Franklin Volunteer Fire Department, New Jersey – Krushinski has been fire chief of the East Franklin County volunteer fire department for 14 years. After witnessing a line of duty death on his team in 2008, he developed a Line of Duty Firefighter Safety and Survival course that he teaches to fellow firefighters throughout the state.

Gary Smiley, Albrightsville Fire &  Rescue Department, Pennsylvania – Smiley has served the Albrightsville Volunteer & Rescue Dept. as a firefighter, paramedic, firefighter and fire safety trainer the past two years, during which he created the Be a Community Hero project and designed the junior firefighter program. Smiley spent 25 years as a New York City firefighter and was severely injured in the North Tower Collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Joe Brooks, Denver Fire Department, Colorado Brooks has served as a firefighter for Denver the past year and was recently transferred to the department’s hazardous material unit (HAZMAT) team responding to calls throughout the city.  Off duty, he frequently attends firefighter training classes.

Pike Krpan, Hamilton Fire Department, Ontario, CA – Krpan is a firefighter for the Hamilton County, Ontario fire service. Among outstanding achievements, she helped develop and coordinate a training camp for females 15 to 19 years old that gave them first-hand knowledge of firefighter duties and emergency preparedness skills. This pioneering training program has helped spur interest in firefighting as a viable career for women and led to the development of other firefighting recruitment programs for women in Ontario.

Michele Ehlinger, Baltimore County Fire Department, Maryland Ehlinger began her career in firefighting as a single mom in her late 30’s. She is a member of the Baltimore County Fire Department’s special operations team and also serves the department as personal trainer, educating staff on health and wellness.

Michael Welchman, Pine Island Fire Department, Florida – Welchman trains individuals within the Pine Island Fire Department and countywide through the County Training Co-Op. His structured, conference-style training approach is noteworthy for its innovative ‘smoke barrels’ concept and realistic, interactive sessions.

Chris Holcolm, Raleigh Fire Department, North Carolina Holcolm is a veteran firefighter who was recruited to teach at Raleigh’s Fire Academy, where he has spent the last three years developing Raleigh’s next generation of firefighters. He also is highly regarded by peers as a fitness trainer and the firefighting team’s ambassador to the City of Raleigh.

Jimmy Greene, Harrisburg Fire Department, Pennsylvania Greene has been a leader in the fire service and within both the Harrisburg Fire Department and the Charlotte Fire Department throughout his career.  He was part of a line of duty death in Harrisburg where he watched his best friend become injured and ultimately die.  Since then, he has honored the loss of his friend by dedicating himself to learning and spreading knowledge at every opportunity.

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