FDIC International 2019: Innovations All Under One Roof

In 2014, MSA embarked on a new journey in the fire service—one driven by our customer’s needs, fueled by more than 100 years of a passion for safety—to develop an innovative SCBA, which became the G1. This SCBA delivered customer benefits including: an electronics-free facepiece, world class ergonomics, and an ability to be a “platform of the future” helping firefighters stay up to date with the best technology the world has to offer. Since that time, MSA has continued to deliver to its customers with Bluetooth voice connectivity to Motorola, Harris, and Kenwood radios; a Bluetooth link to MSA’s Altair 4X and 5X gas detectors; and iTIC—a TIC integrated into an SCBA.

At FDIC International 2019, MSA is announcing the next evolution of its platform for the future approach: The Connected Firefighter. MSA recognizes the importance of connection on the fireground: to the hoseline, to your crew, to your officers over the radio. Firefighters want to be connected, and today’s technology lets us deliver like never before possible. 

The MSA Connected Firefighter is a system of products that provides situational awareness for all personnel on the fireground, driven and powered by LUNAR. LUNAR is a new, connected firefighter device that helps firefighters whether they’re working on a fireground,or working to respond to any other type of hazard. LUNAR is a wireless, handheld device that provides firefighters with thermal imaging, firefighter-to-firefighter ranging, a person-down alarm, and an “always on” cloud connection, including GNSS location. For firefighters, this helps them know where they are now, and what their next move should be. For incident commanders, this ushers in a new era of on-scene awareness and accountability for their crews. This new product works to keep firefighters safe, connected, and accounted for: no matter what type of job they are facing.

Global Manager, Product PR and Influencer Engagement, Sam D’Uva, offers this advice for firefighters hitting the show floor at FDIC International for the first time: “Don’t miss it! There are very few places in the world where you can see the latest innovations in the fire service all under one roof—and FDIC is it!”

MSA is located at Booth 2309.

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