5 Reasons You Need to Be at FDIC International

FDIC International is the largest fire service conference and exhibition in North America. Come here once and you will discover why not only firefighters but vendors want to be here. Here are 5 five reasons you need to be here.

  1. H.O.T. Training: You simply will not find comparable hands-on training anywhere. If you want to learn from the best of the best in the most challenging environments, FDIC International hands-on training is the only place you can truly achieve that goal.
  2. New Equipment Demonstrations: In tandem with hands-on training, you get to experience the newest equipment available to the fire service. This isn’t just seeing it. This is donning it, using it, putting it through its paces, and providing real-time feedback to the manufacturers who supply it.
  3. Classrooms: There are more than 200 classroom sessions after you’re done HOT training. After two rigorous days, it’s time to spend some time in the classroom with leading fire service leaders.
  4. The Exhibits: You won’t find a bigger show floor in North America for the fire service. Manufacturers come to FDIC International to introduce their latest innovations. You’ll see them here first. And, you’ll get to talk about the equipment or fire apparatus with the people who designed it. FDIC International isn’t a regional show where you’ll only be able to talk with a local sales representative.
  5. Camaraderie: Firefighters are firefighters no matter where they are from. When you come to FDIC International, you have an opportunity for camaraderie during training, during the conference portion of the event, and of course, the night life as you gather at the end of a long day of learning to relax and share stories with fellow firefighters. FDIC International gathers more firefighters than any event in North America. The opportunities for building long-lasting friendships abound here.

Couldn’t make it this year? We’ll be doing our best this week to bring you as close to FDIC International as possible without getting on a plane. Keep watching www.fdic.com for the latest updates from the show.

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