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Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment is proud to offer this in-depth coverage of the daily sights, sounds, news and information as it happens at FDIC International—the world’s most comprehensive training-based conference on firefighting. FDIC International 2020 will be held April 20-25, and this page will update with the latest news of interest to the Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment audience.

For more video segments; classroom content; keynote speaker interviews, and more as it occurs during the exhibition. go to www.fdic.com.

Milliken at FDIC 2021

FDIC 2021: Milliken Fire Service: Built to Protect

With textiles to meet NPFA standards for structural, wildland, EMS, Station Wear, and Technical rescue, Milliken Fire Service is an ideal choice when specifying lightweight, breathable fabrics for firefighting.

FDIC 2021: IdentiFire Product Review

IdentiFire focuses on scene safety and accountability products, which are all made in the USA, to help firefighters do their job.
SoundOff Signal

FDIC 2021: SoundOff Signal

Doug Baker, Senior Vice President of Technology and Chief Innovation Officer, discusses what makes SoundOff Signal products different and safer.
Jesse Hoy of Ready Rack

FDIC 2021: Check Out the New PPE Decon Products at Ready Rack!

Ready Rack is excited to welcome our new Hard Mounted Extractors and Firehouse Express Mobile PPE Dryers to our growing product line!

PHOTOS: FDIC International 2021, Front Bumpers

Bill Adams examines the front bumpers he saw at FDIC International 2021 in a manner only Bill Adams can.
Eric Schlett presents check to FAMA

FDIC Shows Support of FAMA Through Generous Contribution

Eric Schlett, Sr. Vice President, Clarion Events, Inc. Fire & Rescue Group, presented the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association (FAMA) with a check for $11,500 on behalf of Clarion and FDIC.

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