Wilcox Announces Updated Kitting Option for Mini-Cutting Torch

Wilcox DOD-DHS Kitting Option for Its Mini-Cutting TorchNEWINGTON, NH- Wilcox’s new kitting option for their Mini-Cutting Torch, the DOD-DHS kit includes multiple bottles with everything needed to begin torching right out of the case. The DOD-DHS Torch kit comes standard with a 95Ci and 285Ci bottles but is modular and customizable with the ability to change out for any combination of bottles offered by Wilcox, making it versatile and adaptable to any mission requirements.

The Mini-Cutting Torch uses fuel rods promoted by pure oxygen to cut through metal, concrete and other materials. It is a perfect tool when other methods of entry are inappropriate under certain situations or conditions. The Mini-Cutting Torch uses Wilcox’s HellBoy™ Torch Handle that allows the operator to precisely control the O2 flow using a thumb wheel control. The handle stays cool to the touch and has a trigger safety lock to prevent accidental operation. The HellBoy, can accommodate without the need of tools, ¼” and 3/8” fuel rods. The torch bottles are carried using a First Spear™ designed molle carrying pouch or backpack with Velcro tab for easy removal, to securely hold the bottles during use.

Several safety features are included on the Mini Cutting Torch including an O2 pressure relief valve, which protects the cylinder manifold and an O2 Burst Disk which prevents the cylinder itself from being over pressurized during charging. Both safety features are built into the Mini Torch system for added protection. Other feathers include a threaded protective dust cap in the HellBoy handle and the CGA port. Also the system utilizes a standardized CGA port that is easily accessed for O2 charging and a pressure indicator that displays the remaining cylinder pressure in 1,000-psi increments. The green oxygen supply hose conforms to DOT colorcoding standards for oxygen products.

The system comes with everything you need to begin operations right out of the case and includes a battery/striker ignition option, charging whip, rods and all safety equipment. Everything is housed in a sturdy, water resistant polymer hard shell case that is perfect for transport and stowage.

For more information, visit www.wilcoxind.com.

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