Vehicle Extrication Techniques by Holmatro: Training Book, App, Posters, E-Learning Platform

Training Book
The Vehicle Extrication Techniques training book is at the heart of a complete series aimed at promoting a safe and systematic approach to the rescue of persons following road traffic accidents. Written by Holmatro Rescue Consultant Ian Dunbar, the 256-page book not only covers rescue tools and techniques but also highlights key medical considerations. In addition, the book guides the rescuer through the process of efficient extrication planning. All vehicle extrication techniques described in this book are illustrated by pictures and have QR codes referring to videos on YouTube showing how to perform these procedures.

The book is available in English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic. Copies are for sale through our worldwide dealer network. Find your dealer in the Vehicle Rescue section of our Web site

The training material in the book has been used to create an interactive app for iPads and Android tablets, with more than 500 photos and 60 videos explaining technical rescue techniques in detail. Like the book, the app also introduces the rescuer to key medical considerations and the concept of extrication planning. You can buy the app in the App Store (for iPad2 and newer versions) and in the Google Play Store (for Android 4.0 tablets and newer versions). After installing the app you can select one of the currently available languages: English, Dutch, and German.

A poster series explaining and illustrating various techniques and principles is available in English. Topics of this poster set are The Working Area, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, Stability, and The Team Approach. Like the book and the app the posters will become available in multiple languages.

E-Learning Platform
The latest addition to the Vehicle Extrication Techniques program is an interactive e-learning platform which not only acts as a reference for extrication training material but can be used as an assessment tool by fire and rescue services. With no limit to the number of persons who can log on and complete the package, users can work through the content of this platform and answer questions based on the themed chapters. The system records the scores of the candidates and produces reports. The e-learning platform not only assesses individuals but can also identify the training needs of the organization by analyzing and comparing the results of all candidates; therefore finding learning trends. This information can be used to influence future training needs.

To get an impression of what the complete Vehicle Extrication Techniques program is all about you can wat

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