VantagePoint Remote Controlled LED Light

FRC announces the new VantagePoint Remote Controlled LED Light offers a rugged design that features a magnesium lamp head and impact-resistant polycarbonate lens.

Ultra bright 6,700 lumens of white lighting are delivered by 16 x 5W hig- intensity CREE LEDs, providing at least 44,000 hours of use. Simple pushbutton operation provides total tilt positioning of 115° and 360° of continuous horizontal rotation. This eliminates the need to reverse the horizontal rotation of the light, saving valuable time in an emergency situation. The automatic stow feature returns the light to the forward facing stow position when turned off, preventing wasted time locating the position of the light when it was last powered down.

Two included handheld remote controls can be used to control the VantagePoint up to 130 feet (40 m) away. Available in black or white, these features and more make the VantagePoint advantage clear to see. For more information, visit

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