Two-Light LED Light System

LENTRY® System, model 2TWSPXVentry Solutions, Inc. has introduced its new 2-Headed LED XT LENTRY® System, model 2TWSPX. This portable lighting unit has two high-output LED heads.

For all-night light and power, the 2TWSPX has two LED V-Spec light heads on one telescoping extra tall “XT” pole. A fuel-efficient generator provides quiet, reliable, computer-safe power for eight to 10 hours (per tank) with one or both lights on. Patented all-terrain LENTRY Legs allow for level, stable operation as the light is extended to its full height and allow optimal positioning in good, bad and changing conditions.

At 28,000 lumens each, the LED lights produce 56,000 lumens using 660 W, leaving 950 W for other tools. The LED heads each have their own on/off switches but share one cord, leaving one of the outlets free for other tools. Each light head pivots forward and back more than 180 degrees total and rotates 450 degrees. They offer low operating temperatures, instant-on at full intensity, heat resistant handles, and wide, far reaching illumination. LEDs offer long lives and are maintenance-free, with solid state electronics (no bulbs to burn out), and their light is bright and white—very close to natural sunlight.

The 2-Headed XT LENTRY System stands about nine feet tall with the legs and pole fully extended. The whole unit stands almost six feet tall even without extending the light. The two LED light heads and the horizontal support disconnects from the pole with the turn of a knob. The entire unit dismantles in seconds and without tools for easy transport and storage. The legs on the LENTRY System also retract, tucking close and protecting the generator and keeping storage dimensions minimal.

The brightness, versatility, run times, convenience and portability of LENTRY model 2TWSPX make it a valuable alternative to gas-powered flashlights as well as truck-mounted light towers. Fast deployment and stable, ideal positioning mean that rough, steep, debris-covered ground will not hinder lighting efforts.

LENTRY Generator Lights are all-terrain safety tools patented and manufactured by Ventry Solutions, Inc., a family- and firefighter-owned and operated company in Idaho, USA.

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