Twist Lock Extension Power Cord

The EXC-50-8.4-30A-L16.30 twist lock extension power cord from Larson Electronics is designed for 480-volt, 3-phase indoor and outdoor applications. This rugged extension cord is constructed of 8-gauge, 4-conductor wire equipped with a 30-amp rated L16-30 male and female twist lock cord caps. This industrial use extension cord allows operators to extend power to equipment when stationary outlets are not readily available. This extension cord provides a safe and effective way for operators to extend 480 volt and power a variety of devices for plant maintenance, power generators, transformers, power distribution substations, construction equipment, and other temporary applications. 

“This new 50’ extension cord provides operators with the ability to extend the use of equipment in areas where receptacles are not in close proximity to the work space,” said Rob Bresnahan. “This particular cord is not class rated and is not recommended for use in such areas. Larson does, however, carry class rated cords for hazardous locations.”

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