True North Introduces New Hydro-Speed Reservoir

SEATTLE, WA  – True North Gear®, the makers of bags, backpacks and fire resistant clothing, is introducing the new Hydro-Speed Reservoir for all their hydration compatible packs.

True North Gear decided to change its reservoir design and worked with Hydrapack to develop a better hydration solution. The new reservoir features a slide seal across the entire top end of the reservoir allowing for a big opening. This feature redefines hydration reservoirs by allowing easier cleaning and filling solutions by being able to turn it inside out. The reservoir still features a baffle system, which maintains a flat shape, conforming to your back and reducing water sloshing. The reservoir also has a self-sealing Plug-n-Play connector for the drinking hose, making it quick and easy to connect and avoiding any leakage. The reservoir is FDA-approve, and PVC- and BPA-free.

“True North products are used every day in life-or-death situations so we worked to improve the hydration reservoir because performance and safety are essential for our customers,” Founder Alyx Fier.

The reservoir is a direct development of True North listening to its customers and producing innovative products that help people stay comfortable and, most importantly, safe.

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