Triple-Locking Carabiner Tool Lanyards

ST. PAUL, MN—Ergodyne has expanded expansion its Squids® Lanyard Series to include the new Squids® 3109 Triple-Locking Single Carabiner Tool Lanyard and the Squids® 3119 Triple-Locking Dual Carabiner Tool Lanyard (both available in standard or extended lengths). While each lanyard has its own unique benefits and features, their triple-locking feature provides a dependable solution for preventing injury, damage, and lost productivity because of dropped tools.

The 360 degree swivel allows workers to screw, twist and maneuver the lanyard without becoming a tangled and tethered mess. Tagged with Ergodyne’s stamp of security and tenacity, the lanyards offer 15- and 20-pound capacities, providing safe tethering for heavier tools. Additionally, the self-locking connectors ensure safe connections and reduce the chance of an inadvertent disconnection.

Dropped objects are a serious concern that can put a workforce at risk and result in lost productivity. Whether in the worker’s hand or idle on the work surface, a dangerous dropped object situation can happen without notice. The result can range from inconvenience/loss of productivity to life-altering injury or death.

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