Third Incident at Jacksonville (FL) Fire Station Sparks Concern

A recent incident at a Baymeadows area fire station has continued the heightened alert at fire stations around Jacksonville, following a shooting targeted at one station and a threat leveled at another.

Saturday morning, firefighters at Fire Station 44 on Western Way reported to police that two men were acting suspiciously at the fire station.

One firefighter found a man wandering inside the fire station’s bay, looking around. When the firefighter asked the man what he was looking for, the man said his vehicle was out of gas. At the same time, another man rang the front doorbell of the fire station.

That man also asked the firefighter who answered the door for gas for his vehicle.

Both firefighters told the men to leave, and they did.

The men were seen under the hood of a white Denali parked in the parking lot of the Comfort Suites on Western Way Circle. The firefighters reported the tag number to police, and a police check showed the vehicle had been reported stolen.

A clerk at the hotel said the men, who were not guests at the hotel, came into the lobby around 7 a.m. Saturday and asked for gas.

Police searched the area for the men but didn’t find them.

“I think all of those issues that have happened over the last month are still fresh in the firefighters’ minds,” said Randy Wyse, president of Jacksonville Association of Firefighters. “So you know, they’re watching. They’re being careful of where they’re going and even when they’re not on a run, even when they have that time at the station…when they’re down and doing training , they still have that heightened sense of awareness of what’s going on around them.”

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