TFT’s Jumbo Ball Intake Valve Improves Water Flow

TFT has improved water flow rates with its new 5.25-inch Jumbo BIVs
TFT has improved water flow rates with its new 5.25-inch Jumbo BIVs the fire service’s largest and most efficient ball intake valve. (TFT Photo)

Task Force Tips’ new 5.25-inch ball intake valve (BIV) marries the industry’s largest ball intake valve waterway with the industry’s toughest coatings, producing a corrosion resistant valve with a water flow loss of 3 psi at 2,000 gpm.

“We can’t keep these jumbo valves on the shelves,” said Rod Carringer, TFT’s vice president of sales and marketing, pointing to a group of new Jumbo BIVs being prepared to ship. “I guess word got out from our field testing, because people started calling for them even before our new catalog came out.”

Although engineers nearly doubled the company’s standard 3 5/8-inch waterway size, they added less than an inch in unit height and 1.5 inch in length.

Carringer explained that TFT has triple-coated its BIVs since they were introduced back in 2002. He added the valves are treated with a poly-impregnation process, hard coat anodized and powder coat finished for protection against harsh elements.

The valves use stainless steel components on the valve’s wet side, as an extra layer of protection, and is backed by a 5-year product guarantee, said Carringer.

The new Jumbo BIV’s 30-degree elbow swivels 360 degrees, allowing hose connections from any direction with minimal kinks and coupling stress. It also has a unique position indicator that lets the operator know if the valve is opened, closed or somewhere in between.

Its hand wheel, which can be installed on either the left or right side, takes 7.5 turns to close, meeting NFPA slow-close requirements.

“All of which may sound like overkill, but that protection from corrosion is what allows TFT’s BIVs to work under the most extreme conditions,” said Carringer. “Because, after all, firefighters work under extreme conditions every day. This may be a new product, but it has the same TFT quality that people worldwide have grown accustomed to buying. Not to mention our 24-hour service line, which we’ve had for years, because most firefighters don’t just work from nine to five.”

For departments with 4- or 4.5-inch intake threads on the pumps, TFT has two adapter rings for the BIV available.

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