TFT to Offer Mobile Water Supply System to the Fire Service

By Chris Mc Loone

Most firefighters will associate Task Force Tips (TFT) with equipment whose main function is to help move water from point A to point B, such as nozzles or valves. This year at FDIC 2014, the company is announcing that it has added a mobile water supply system to its product portfolio.

Called the HyTrans System, the system consists of two modules. One side is the hose side, and the other the pumping side. It can accommodate six-inch hose, as well as hose in the 10- to 12-inch range. Applications include industrial firefighting and also emergency management personnel for flood control, according to Rod Carringer, chief marketing officer at TFT. “Probably their biggest claim to fame so far was Hurricane Sandy,” he says. “The FDNY dropped these into the subways because this is what ended up getting the water out of the subeways. Because there was no way you could draft with a regular centrifugal pump down in there.” The system consists of a submersible hydraulic pump, the HydroSub power pack, large diameter hose, and the system’s mechanized hose laying and hose recovery systems. Personnel can drop the submersibles 195 vertical feet down, and can move up to 3,200 gpm depending on the model selected.

TFT is also introducing its new Jumbo Low Profile Ball Intake valve. The 30-degree intake elbow swivels 360 degrees, has multiple positive detents, and includes a cap lanyard anchor point. This valve extends 12.2 inches off the side of the truck. “This is a direct result of the tightness on the side of some of the trucks,” says Carringer. “It’s a high-volume, very low-profile intake valve.”

The company’s Transformer piercing nozzle system delivers water or foam solutions to areas inaccessible to the firefighter. The system includes a twist-grip shutoff valve, a three-port junction block with striking head, two extension tubes, and the flow tube with piercing point.

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