TFT Folding Pistol Grip

VALPARAISO, IN –Task Force Tips’ (TFT’s) new folding pistol grip cuts three inches off storage space, deploys and locks on demand, and retracts with the push of a button.

Like more than 75 percent of TFT’s product modifications and designs, the folding pistol grip was a direct answer to customer’s requests. A little more than six months in design and product testing, the new folding pistol grip adds a little less than half a pound to the nozzle’s total weight.

“Just to clarify here, once this grip is locked into place, it takes a little bit of force to push that button in if you want to detract it,” explains Rod Carringer, TFT vice president of marketing. “It’s easy to use, even if you’re wearing gloves, but you’re going to have to push with intention to fold the handle down, which just makes design sense. This was built with a firefighter’s needs in mind. And, don’t forget that the reaction force will be pushing it, keeping it in the locked open position. Basically, it’s the same old pistol grip all of us have come to love and trust. It’s just that this one is a heck of a lot easier to store.”

The folding pistol grip kit, HM792-KIT, is in stock and available. The kit will fit everything that TFT’s made since 1995 in handheld nozzles.

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