TFT Develops Smart Stream Technology

VALPARAISO, Ind. – TFT has developed Smart Stream technology, a unique, operator, radio-controlled nozzle flush adjustment that will prevent master stream and pump operators from accidentally moving from fog to flush, wasting huge amounts of water.

“Smart Stream technology gives operators the ability to completely lock out the flush position electronically,” said Tim Miller, TFT’s senior design engineer. “Ten years ago, you couldn’t have designed something like this in the space or size that we’ve done this in today. But, as things have gotten smaller, we can fit electronics into the actuator that we couldn’t have done previously.

Over a year in the making, the new Smart Stream technology will be featured on all TFT remote controlled nozzles. If for any reason the Smart Stream sensor fails, the nozzle immediately returns to standard electric remote function. “But this system can take some abuse, because there are no mechanical components involved here,” Miller added. However, because of the new electronic design, retrofitting nozzles will not be possible.

“Basically what we’ve done here is to provide the operator enhanced pattern control that allows optimal stream performance at the touch of a button,” said Rod Carringer, TFT vice president of sales and marketing. “Smart Stream gives the operator the ability to finely adjust the fog pattern, to customize the travel speeds, and to tailor the pattern of the nozzle shaper.”

According to TFT, this development is especially great news for ladder and platform operators. The new Smart Stream technology will allow a more gradual transition from straight stream to fog, thereby reducing the dynamic loading on the ladder, which subsequently reduces stress.

 “Sometimes, when you’re up 100 feet in the air, the change in nozzle reaction can be so fast that it makes the ladder sway suddenly,” said Carringer. “And when you’re up there at the top, that’s not something that you look forward to happening.”

Carringer characterized the new nozzle features as a “fine tuning” of an already solid product and an improvement that few people will appreciate until they see it at work.

“We took something that already worked and made it better,” Carringer said. “And why? Because ‘Everyone Goes Home’ is not just a saying for firefighters. At TFT, it’s a catalyst in everything we make and do.”

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