Ten Rural California Fire Departments Get Communications Equipment


Ten rural fire stations in San Diego’s back country will be outfitted with advanced communications equipment thanks to $110,000 grant from the San Diego Regional Fire Foundation.

The equipment, includes Automated Vehicle Locators and Mobile Data Computers, which help dispatchers track each fire truck and send the closest one to an emergency, regardless of which fire department the truck belongs to, which means faster response time.

The equipment is going to three stations in Deer Springs, one in Mount Laguna, three in Ramona, one at San Pasqual Reservation and two in Valley Center.

The vehicle locator assists fire commanders in managing fires by allowing them to see where all fire fighting units are at a given time, so they can position firefighters to help save homes as a fire moves and protect firefighters as winds shift a fire’s path.

The Mobile Data Computers gives each fire engine’s crew access to maps of the area of the emergency, pre-fire plans, medical information to treat victims and specialized data about hazardous materials along with other information.

Many rural areas of the county don’t have the equipment because of lower populations and lower tax revenues, according to the foundation.

The foundation’s award came from a $100,000 grant from San Diego Gas & Electric Company and part of a $25,000 grant from the Grossmont Healthcare District, A presentation was made Nov. 20 at the Deer Springs Fire Station.

For more information, view www.utsandiego.com

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