Tempest Technology Introduces New Shipping Program

Further strengthening the company’s focus on service and support, Tempest Technology Corporation recently unveiled its new delivery initiative, what it calls the 3/3 Program.

Designed to provide guaranteed shipping and delivery times, Tempest’s 3/3 program promises that nearly all stocked items are shipped within three days of order placement and built-to-order items are shipped within three weeks.

Since Johan Gidstedt’s hiring as president of the company, much of Tempest’s continuous improvement efforts have been focused within its production and manufacturing operations, allowing for the 3/3 program to become a reality. 

According to Gidstedt, “Over the last couple of years, we have reviewed almost every aspect of our operations, which in turn helped us uncover ways to increase efficiency. We are very proud that the result of this work now benefits our customers in the form of market-leading order fulfillment times and on-time delivery performance.”

For more information, visit www.tempest.us.com.

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