Special Operations Power Blower

Tempest Technology Corp. recently announced the latest addition to its PPV/PPA arsenal—the Special Operations Power Blower, or SP Blower. This new ventilation blower features a number a new design traits, most notably its reinvented tapered shroud and flattened grille veins. At the heart of the SP Blower, these two new characteristics create a laminar air flow (LAF) which allows for more effective and aggressive ventilation in unique structure types.

LAF mimics the same principle as it is originally applied to water flow; multiple layers flowing parallel to each other, creating a narrow high pressure air pattern. Tempest’s Research and Development team has found LAF and its high pressure properties to be more effective in ventilating unique structures such as high rises, stairwells, complex structures and commercial structures over 5,000 square feet.

The SP blower is currently offered in two sizes: an 18-inch with a 5.5-hp engine and a 21-inch with an engine just under nine hp. Both sizes are designed with wheels in the back, a wider footprint for increased stability and allow for increased set back due to its Laminar Air Flow air pattern. Electric powered models are already in development by Tempest as well.

For more information, visit www.tempest-edge.com.

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