Smoke Generators for Fire Training

For indoor fire department training, the ST-10 Smoke Machine produce large volumes of non-irritating, odorless white smoke leaving no residue. Superior ST-10 fluid is a triple-filtered blend of pharmaceutical-grade FDA approved ingredients containing less than 5 ppm mineral impurities, designed to produce a safe, non-irritating thick fog. Superior ST-10 Smoke Fluid offers excellent performance at a lower cost than most competitive brands.

For the ultimate in smoke generating performance, Superior Premium ST-10XP Smoke Fluid produces an amazingly dense smoke with the maximum hang time. Premium XP Fluid makes more smoke with less fluid, so departments can actually save money while getting better smoke. Superior ST-10 Fluids are also compatible with most competitive smoke/fog machines that use Glycol-based fluid.  

The company also manufactures Smoke Candles that produce from 4,000 to 40,000 cubic feet, Smoke Grenades that produce up to 130,000 cubic feet, and Smoke Pots that produce an enormous 500,000 Cubic Feet of dense white smoke in five minutes.

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