Sevier County (UT) Fire Departments Receive Grant

After a four-year period and two previous applications with no luck, Sevier County fire departments were awarded a regional Federal Emergency Management Agency grant in the sum of $596,645 to purchase new and customized equipment, reports The Richfield Reaper.

The Sevier County commissioners subsequently approved a 10 percent match of the funds awarded by the grant – $59,665. In addition, each of the seven fire departments contributed a sum proportional to the size of the department. The three sources of funds – the FEMA grant, Sevier County and the seven fire departments has covered the expense of the new equipment.

The new and customized equipment consists of 101 self-contained breathing apparatuses, in addition to 120 custom fit full-face masks – one for each firefighter at each of the seven fire departments in Sevier County. The SCBAs purchased have been allocated to the departments based upon the number of seats in each fire department’s trucks.

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