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For more than 30 years, firefighters and rescue personnel have used Setcom Corporation intercom equipment, including its most popular System 900.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Setcom Corporation’s most popular and versatile intercom system continues to be its System 900 which accommodates up to three radios and 10 firefighters and features a full line of noise attenuating headsets.

According to the maker, the System 900 has a reputation for outstanding durability and a 12-year legacy, tested by over 1,000 fire departments.

It’s plug and play components and reduced number of overall components makes the System 900 easy to use and install, saving time and money, says the maker.

The intercom provides full-duplex intercom among crew members and radio push-to-talk capability from the driver, officer and pump panel positions ensuring that only the keying operator’s voice transmits over the radio. When a crewmember keys the radio, all other microphones are locked out of the radio transmit circuit, says the maker. Intercom communication between other positions remains active during radio transmission.

Grounding is achieved through the radio cable to prevent electromagnetic (EM) or radio frequency (RF) interference and to reduce ground loops.

A single-fused positive lead permits the connection to the same 12-volt power source as provided for the radio.

There are no user controls or adjustments on the master station, allowing it to be mounted most anywhere in the cab.

Radio Select Module (RSM) allows crewmembers to monitor and transmit over a second or third radio and the system supports up to 10 headset positions, two radio transmit headsets and eight intercom-only headsets.

Remote stations can be daisy-chained with only the first station in the chain connected to the master station.

For firefighter hearing protection, Setcom’s dual-muff headsets have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24dB, complying with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1500 standards.

It’s CSB and 7B Series headsets have behind-the-head and over-the-head headbands, respectively.

Premium coil-cord cables with cadmium bronze conductors to prevent hardening and broken conductors while the 15-foot coil-cords allowing radio transmit headsets to be worn at the pump panel without an extension cord or patch cable.

Coil-cords incorporate a shield on the microphone line and on the overall cable to prevent RF and EM interference and are terminated with a standard three-conductor stereo phone plug that can be replaced without replacing the entire coil-cord assembly, according to Setcom.

Radio transmit headsets (driver and officer) are always live on the intercom and include a radio push-to-talk button (PTT) located on the lower half of the headset cup. When the operator’s fingers are placed on the top of a CSB Series headset cup, the thumb naturally falls on the button.

An optional radio foot switch is available for the driver or the officer while the jump seat headsets provide an intercom push-to-talk button in the headset cup. The PTT placement is the same as for the radio transmit headsets.

The headsets are also equipped with an individual volume control on the cup for combined radio and intercom audio and the CSB Series headsets are available in right or left dress, while the 7B Series headsets are reversible.

Since 1970, police and firefighters have relied on Setcom gear.

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