Seek Thermal Camera Smartphone Accessory

SANTA BARBARA, CA—The Seek thermal camera is a pocketsize device that plugs into smartphones.

Thermal imaging converts heat energy into an image that can be seen with the human eye. Traditionally, multithousand dollar thermal cameras have been used by firefighters, law enforcement, and the military to see through smoke or in complete darkness.

The Seek camera is a small device that plugs into the microUSB connector on Android devices and the Lightning™ connector on iOS devices. A durable magnesium housing protects a next-generation thermal sensor and custom chalcogenide lens. It weighs 0.5 ounces and creates true thermal images with a resolution of 206 x 156, or more than 32,000 thermal pixels. 

The Seek camera works with a free app that makes it easy for people to get started with thermal imaging, while also including a range of controls substantial enough for people who use the camera for serious work. App features include: 

  • Take and share thermal photos and videos. 
  • Select from four different temperature-measurement modes including the ability to automatically highlight everything in the scene that is above or below a specified temperature. 
  • Select from nine different color palettes. Technically called “LUTs,” they are different color ranges that can be applied to temperature measurements. 
  • Swipe seamlessly back and forth between a regular and a thermal image in Thermal+ mode. 

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